These are some of the programs I've written.  They are all written in VB.Net, and require the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 unless otherwise noted.  I've written my own libraries for reading and writing numerous file formats, so none of these programs require installation, or any third-party components (aside from the Microsft .Net framework).

If you try one of these programs and receive an initialization error, you most likely don't have the correct .Net Frameworks installed.  You should have all versions of the Microsoft .Net Framework installed on your machine -- not just the latest version.  This is the most common bug-report I receive.

AFPviewer  - Last updated on 03-15-2012

This is a program for viewing AFPDS print files. It can save pages as PDF, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, XML, and AFP. It can also be used to extract resources, search for text, copy text and images. Outline fonts and some BCOCA barcodes are not supported.


AFPexplorer  - Last updated on 03-16-2012

A program for viewing and editing the instructions and values within an AFP file, as well as extracting and rendering resources. This program is done, as far as doing what it's supposed to do. However, features are still being added.


JPEGtoPDF  - Last updated on 10-17-2011

A program for converting image files to PDF. This program supports multiple images and multiple pages. The program allows you to adjust position and size. Also, the program now supports additional image formats (BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, WMF, EMF), multi-page images, unicode filenames, and a command-line syntax has been added.


CopyInOrder  - Last updated on 01-26-2011

A program for copying files onto an MP3player's flash drive, where the order of the songs is determined by the copying order.  The program can copy the files automatically, or write out a .BAT file which can be reviewed/modified and then run.   Also, the program can remove files from the destination that no longer exist in the source.  Just drag some source folders or files onto the program, specify the destination path and the file mask, and that's it. 


DriveLine  - Last updated on 01-10-2012

Supports OBD, GPS, WiFi (for weather, traffic, web), MP3, DVD, CD, etc. This is a program for accessing media and GPS in a vehicle environment, where the method of input is a touch-screen. This program is being written to accomodate a project I completed in June 2008 -- building a PC into the dashboard of my car. Also available is information about assembling the hardware and modifying the vehicle. At present, this program's official name is DriveLine.