Source Code

  This program is a "front-end" for a Car-PC. The idea is that this program loads when the OS starts, and provides the user with an interface to access music, video, GPS, and vehicle diagnostics. Of course, all of that could be done through an OS, using a keyboard and a mouse. But, when driving a vehicle, using a keyboard and mouse is just not an option. So this program is designed with the assumption that user input will come from a touch-screen. The goal is a clean interface with few distractions, but access to all the information and functionality the driver needs.

Building the hardware and software for this project has been something I've wanted to do for a very long time. And, since I've realized that I am not the only person to attempt such a project, I've designed the program to be pretty customizable, in terms of images, colors, and fonts. And since a lot of the people who do this kind of thing are the do-it-yourself type, I've decided to provide the source code to the program, for anyone that really wants to tinker with it, or use it as a starting point.